If you came from any of the past incarnations of HostaByKelley or PBKsPlace.info you've found the right place!  This site is a broader than the Site A, and yet reduced from the Site B format.  This site only has Hosta Information.  You can still blame this site entirely on the hosta!  YES!  The plan is still to add photo galleries to the hostas I have had from the past.

PBKsPlace Website is about one man's obsession, and adventures with growing hosta in St. Paul, Minnesota in the United States.  This garden is located just a few miles south of the 45º North Latitude.  Pages are added on the First and Fifteenth of the month.  This blog is active from March 15th to October 15th; growing seasons may vary.  The author/host welcomes questions and comments from you the reader; please refer to the About the Author page for the contact form.


Concise History:

  • Site A:  Pre June 2017: Site was started on Google Blogger Platform (Updates discontinued)
  • Site B:  June 2017 to August 2018:  Hosted by FatCow; Published with Muse By Adobe
  • Site C:  Forthcoming:   Hosted by FatCow; Published with DreamWeaver By Adobe.  Site B was over printed by Site C.


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