Basic Introduction

(Late June 2017)

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If you came from the original HostaByKelley blog site you've found the right place!  This new site is a broader form of a personal web site which includes my interest (obsession?) with hosta gardening.  All of the same elements that you found HostaByKelley are here; there are even some new ones added!  As the process of development continues new sections will be opened.

Blame this site entirely on the hosta!  YES!  The original plan was to just expand on the hosta information to the hosta reference pages and do a photograph gallery for each variety I've had.  As I came closer to choosing a domain name some practical common sense kicked in and said, "Ya know your life is more than hosta.  In fact there may be a day when you CAN"T garden.  You better chose a domain that might be more inclusive of who you are."  As you, the reader, can see I did a quick assessment of what I liked and then asked myself what I might want to write about.


Is this a Blog or a Website?

As this began as a blog in August of 2013, the Author, will always refer and think of the hosta section as a 'blog'.  In June of 2017 it shifted over to this location.  It will of course still be updated twice a month with new journal entries in the Hosta section.  Pages will still be re-edited, updated, and occasionally rearranged when needed.

With the conversion to this format the page to page response points that blogs traditionally have is now gone.  The site now has more robust organization; and an improved hyperlinking system, which is still in the process of being implemented; and with materials that generally are not found on the traditional blog.  These characteristics might be considered to be expressions of contemporary 'blog' design.

Readers will note that the ONLY page to contact the author is on the Home Page (this one).  This convention by-in-of-itself bucks the accepted website and blog design conventions in that contact information is out in the open rather than hidden on a side page of the site.

So is this a blog or website?  At this time the core of this site is hosta; but if you give it time it will expand into other subject matter.  The author would like to think this is more cutting edge for personal expression.  He views this as a hybrid.


At the time of the launch (June 2017) only the hosta section had ~155 pages, and even some of those were still not complete because the author's archive of hosta records was so large that many things had to be dug out, re-found, and then reorganized and repackaged to be posted.  The author found, as the process continued, that the records which were thought to be so well kept were in fact very imperfect.  It been a humbling experience.  November 2017 began the second level completion process with moving in hundreds of photos into the Reference Information section of the Hosta pages.


Historical Changes to this site

July 1, 2017: Added reCaptcha Security.  Rechecked if Menu integration on all pages was correct.  Other generalized changes.  Still working on .mp4 integration which is hoped to open up new possibilities.   At some point in the future I will be adding and formatting this website for 'Tablets' and 'Phones'.  I want to set the entirity of the basics in place before embarking on these updates.

JULY 16, 2017:

  • Added near live visitor counters.  These are found on EACH 'key page' of the website.  These eventually ought to have 3 columns, and have a capacity of listing 250 countries.   These counters ought to count visitors not hits.  AT the moment these are composite counters and not independent counters for each page (working on the latter).  You will be counted only if you land on those pages.  These counters are provided by and through FLAG COUNTER.
  • Begun to add Collection Explanations to the General Information pages.
  • Re-edited General Information Pages for simplified labeling.  Paving the way for a new background.
  • Added the first of probably many editorials under Other Stuff.
  • Other generalized changes.


AUGUST 10, 2017:

  • Visitor Counters seem to be working
  • Continuing to work out .m4p format display issues.  Help might be on the way ... soon.

NOVEMBER 25, 2017:

  • With the posting of Cartoon: P9 Hosta Revolution in place the process of creating a photographic sideshow is now understood.  The process of creating photo journals for those hosta that I have photographs for can now begin.  This will not be an over night process.  For that cartoon to be put into place it took many attempts, and some degree of frustration.  This understanding will also extend the versatility of my comic writing endevor as well.



  • CAPTCHA not working right.  Stripped it off for the moment.  It will be back.
  • Reconstructed the E-mail form so it reads easier.
  • I've added the NAHA pages.  NAHA represents only a wish which for all practicality will never come true.  But humans all need to have dreams.



  • After a month of concern I've 'solved' why pages were not loading, and being very slow with that process for that matter.  What used to be an 1 1/2 hour ordeal is now down to about 30 minutes.


APRIL 2018:

  • With word that Empress Wu has had further certification as a hosta variety the layout on that information page, and other patented hosta pages, needed to be altered.


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Just remember that this WHOLE site is a hobby!

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