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If you came from any of the past incarnations of HostaByKelley or PBKsPlace.info you've found the right place!  This site is a broader than the Site A, and yet reduced from the Site B format.  This site only has Hosta Information.  You can still blame this site entirely on the hosta!  YES!  The plan is still to add photo galleries to the hostas I have had from the past.

PBKsPlace Website is about one man's obsession, and adventures with growing hosta in St. Paul, Minnesota in the United States.  This garden is located just a few miles south of the 45º North Latitude.  Pages are added on the First and Fifteenth of the month.  This blog is active from March 15th to October 15th; growing seasons may vary.  The author/host welcomes questions and comments from you the reader; please refer to the About the Author page for the contact form.


Concise History:

  • Site A:  Pre June 2017: Site was started on Google Blogger Platform (Updates discontinued)
  • Site B:  June 2017 to August 2018:  Hosted by FatCow; Published with Muse By Adobe
  • Site C:  Forthcoming:   Hosted by FatCow; Published with DreamWeaver By Adobe.  Site B was over printed by Site C.

The Visitor counter has been put back in its place

It gives me a satisfaction to know that people do seem to come and visit here.  I hope they gain something of value from those visits!  For me, it gives me an impetus to keep writing for you out there.

During Thanksgiving of 2018 I started to start reposting the totals below for the site.  I intend to update these totals each USA Thanksgiving evening to show thanks to my visitors for their time coming here.  Different counters have different values to report.  It can be very confusing for even a well trained person to get correct numbers.

The first data was posted: ~11/22/18 from both sources.  The next update will occur on 11/21/2019.  The Flag Counter, to the left, continuously updates as each NEW visitor arrives to this page!  FatCow updates once a day; while data is taken on USA Thanksgiving.  While Google Analytics insists that I have no visitors to report.

      Annual Visitor Totals     Yearly Change to totals

Year  Global   NonUSA   USA     Global    NonUSA    USA  Nations

FlagCounter Data

2018     181       24   157     [December 2nd; none]          15


      Annual   Monthly      Report Period           x

Year  Global   Est. Aver.

FatCow Data

2017     416          59    June 1 to December 31

2018   2,542         231    January 1 to November 30


I put emphases on US visitors as this site is written in US/American English.

These numbers do not indicate how many return, nor indicate those who are consistent followers on a regular basis of this site.


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