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HOw to Navigate this Site

There are two ways!

FIRST is the more traditional menu driven way your accustom to.

You'll need to remember what page your on, and how you reached that page [simple memorization].  Menu sections are color coded to keep you focused.  To find other pages on this site follow these directions:

  1. Place your mouse over the 'Home' squares (above).
  2. Without clicking your mouse move your mouse over successive destinations on this website (as of this writing there are ~210 pages to be found).  GREY boxes will guide you to where you are currently.
  3. When you find a page you want to look at remember its label, and then 'click' on the it.
  4. Repeat process to navigate between pages.


SECOND is what I refer to as Navigation+.  Eventually every hosta listed here will have four ways to look it what it is.

  1. From Reference Information.
  2. Where it is in the Garden and its movement over the years.
  3. If the plant has flowered that season, and in what stage the flower cycle it's in.
  4. What it looks like (its pictures).

The Navigation+ system is still under development.  It was designed because hyperlinks can only take you to a single pate.

On many pages you might see a text box that has the heading of "How to Find".  Inside that box it will list names of hosta that were referred to on that page that were grown by the author.  Each of those listings will be followed by the letters R, G, F, P.  These letters represent: Reference, Garden, Flower, Pictures.  If a letter is Yellow, then there's a hyperlink to the corresponding page for that Hosta.  In many cases any time you see a word in yellow it's a hyperlink waiting to be used.

WARNING: The Author reserves the right to change the arrangement of site pages at any time.

Basic Introduction

(Early May 2018)

This site is color calibrated for the Acer S202HL monitor configuration.

If you came from any of the previous incarnations of HostaByKelley or you've at the right place!  PBK's Place is not a business, but rather an expression of an individual who is also an obsessed gardener.  During May of 2018 this site under went a massive page rearrangement.  The plan is still to add photo galleries to the hostas I have had from the past.  Photo galleries have started to be uploaded (May 2018).

Concise History:

  • Site A:  Pre June 2017: Site was started on Google Blogger Platform (Updates discontinued)
  • Site B:  June 2017 to April 2019:  Hosted by FatCow; Published with Muse By Adobe
  • [Future] Site C: May 2019 and after:   Hosted by FatCow; Published with DreamWeaver By Adobe


An introduction About the Author is found at that link.

The e-mail contact point to Contact Author is found on that page.


Is this a Blog or a Website?

As this began as a blog in August of 2013, the Author, will always refer and think of the hosta section as a 'blog'.  In June of 2017 it shifted over to this location.  It will of course still be updated twice a month with new journal entries in the Hosta section.  Pages will still be re-edited, updated, and occasionally rearranged when needed.

With the conversion to this format the page to page response points that blogs traditionally have is now gone.  The site now has more robust organization; and an improved hyperlinking system, which is still in the process of being implemented; and with materials that generally are not found on the traditional blog.  These characteristics might be considered to be expressions of contemporary 'blog' design.

Readers will note that the ONLY page to contact the author is on the Contact Author page.  This convention sets the site back to feel more like a traditional website.

So is this a blog or website?  At this time the core of this site is hosta; but if you give it time it will expand into other subject matter.  The author would like to think this is more cutting edge for personal expression.  He views this as a hybrid.


At the time of the launch (June 2017) only the hosta section had ~155 pages, and even some of those were still not complete because the author's archive of hosta records was so large that many things had to be dug out, re-found, and then reorganized and repackaged to be posted.  The author found, as the process continued, that the records which were thought to be so well kept were in fact very imperfect.  It has been a humbling experience.

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