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Its been a very long time since I posted here

Dated 10/1/17

Yes I am alive and mostly in good health here in St. Paul, Minneosta.  But life has moved me in other directions.  The garden has done really well this year dispite of my recordkeeping here.  I think this is goung to be a reveiw of each of the plants I have.  So what follows will be lengthy.


Chaos:  Failed to be returned from central Minneosta.  I have seed set aside for next year to be grown to create a truely unique hosta to be named thus.

Corkscrew: Returned, and rested this year.  No real growth to be reported.  Leaves are still spiraling on the 'z' axis; a good sign.

Dancing Queen: I started the year out with three divsions; as they were originally planted.  I decided to pull back on this variety and took out one division; giving it to two different persons.  No word as to what has become of the given divisions.

Dixie Chickadee: Returned, and grew a little this year.  Where there where 6 plants there were onty 3.  Where the other three went I have no idea.  Looked kinda suspicious to me.  I finally decided to divide the plant down to seperate the this variety from the Emerald City Chick.  This I am afraid will be a never ending battle as still more Emerald City Chick has shown up since the redividing of the plant.

Faithful Heart: Returned on the retaining wall.  The plant has not grown much on the wall, but it does grow.  This year I decided to divide it, and in the process I found 16 divisions.  Five (5) went back up on the wall, eight (8) went to other persons, two (2) went into the raised bed, and One (1) went to a neighbor.  The two in the raised bed seem to be doing nicely.

First Blush: The two (2) from last year returned.  I added three (3) more this year thinking that the first two were not coming up.  They are doing mixed states of growing.  Some look real ratty, while others look ok.

Emerald City Chick: While this returned from the 2016/2017 winter this is the first year I have seperarted the plant from Dixie Chickadee.  The planter of this variety is going gangbusters and will probably be over kill next spring if it survives the winter as a planter plant.

Empress Wu: Both plants survived the winter.  The 2015 Wu is smaller than the 2016 planting.  I am presuming that it took a year off to rest.  The 2015 Wu grew like a mad woman and produced 18 leaves and then attempted a flower scape; very impressive for a first year plant!  At the start of its 2016 year the same plant had a very hard time spiking.  Late in this season (2017) the plant attempted to show some strength with a larger leaf to end the year on.  The 2016 planting of Wu returned with very strong growth during the year.  Neither Wu has attemted a scape so far this year.  While the plants will be in the garden for a few years I already have a tentitve home for them when they grow to larg for the garden!

Gemstone: Returned and grew magnificently!  This plant jumped in growth as I moved it to the BACK of the garden.  Next year I may see a full grown specimen of this plant!

Golden Tiara: Returned and needs a little more growth for a full sized version on this retaining wall.  Will probably get that next year.  Seeds have been taken for another attempt at Chaos next summer.

Gorgon: Returned, and grew only a little this year.  I had hoped for the last of the full growth this year.  I've saved seed for next years seed project to possibly grow Gorgon Euryale and Gorgon Stheno, as Medusa already exists.

Hacksaw: This plant had become covered by Dancing Queen and Vulcan,   I moved it to he front of the garden and it seems to have learned to like the corner.  Next year it might be seen as full grown (22 inches diameter).

Imp: At the beginning of the year I started with two clumps of this.  One in the raised bed and one on the retaining wall.  I decided to move the retaining wall clump to be with the one in the raised bed.  I divided the wall clump into two sections.  The moved imp has reseted for the remainer of the season in the raised bed.  I suspect that the two clumpa will return to growing next season.  I've taken seed for next years seed project to possibly worl pn an 'Imp ?" collection.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Returned, and grew this year.  Added another four (4) to the grouping.  All seem to be doing fine at this point.

June: Returned to the retaining wall and has little growth.  What ought to be a magnificent plant insists on being small in full sun light.

Kifukurin Ko Mana: Failed to be returned from central Minneosta.  Plant was reordered and was able to divide into four (4) divisions.  Three were placed into a planter and one was placed in the raised bed.  Plant seems to be doing acceptably; probably all resting for the year.

Kinbotan: Returned and seems to have reach maturity in size.  While hidden between Dancing Queen and Gorgon, it seems to be doing alright for now.

LIberty: Attempted to return three times.  The plant finally gave up.  The plant is still under the soil.  What will happen next year is yet to be seen.

Little Devil: Returned this year; and I think this plant has grown as large as it will get in this garden.  Not because there's no space for it, but because it just grows small to begin with!

Little Sunspot: Returned, and persists on being pure green.  No real growth to speak of.  Thinking about moving it back to raised bed at some point in the future.

Masquarade: Returned but has been struggling in the raised bed ever since it was platned there four years ago.  This seasons I moved it to the retianing wall thinking that more sun might be good for it.  The remaining three divisions are showing signs that the plant like the place better.  Winter survival will be the next test!

Popcorn: Did not survive last winter, and was reordered.  The plant received was divided into three (3) divisions.  They are currently settling in for winter.  Hoping some of it survives over the winter for next year.

Rainbow's End: Survived, and was moved out of the garden to a neighbor's garden.  This may have been the only plant moved out this season.

Shiny Penny: failed to return from central Minnesota.  The single plant was replaced with another single plant.  The new planting looks ok at this point.

Surprised By joy: Yes, that's the name of the hosta!  This was a new hosta this year that came in liu of another hosta I had wanted.  It is kinda a bigger version of Masquerade  The plant is quietly struggling to stay alive.  Apperances do not always tell the whole story for survival over the winter.  As this is in one of the planters I do have one extra way of protecting it over the winter!

Teaspoon: Returned with limited growth.  Its fighting the placement of Gorgon and Vulcan; but holding its own for right now.

'venusta': Returned and grew to 11 inches this year.  I continue to want to encourage it to grow to an 18 inch radius to demonstrate that this variety can grow to 36 inches acceptably in a garden.

Vulcan: Returned and grew this year.  The planting had four (4) plants; and this year only had three.  Not sure what happened to the foruth.  The plant seemed happy where it was.

White Feather: Returned and exploded with growth this year.  The year began very rough for these plants, and at one point I thought I would loose both of them.  They returned with a vengeance and 'kicked ass' with the plants next to them to show they had what it takes to be in this garden.


Those are the plants I have right now.  What returns next spring is unknown.  We'll see what happens during next spring!

Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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