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December 2017 Gardening thoughts

Cost of doing a Hobby — Plant Survival

I was looking at next years budget for this hobby.  Last year I spent $1,094.00 on gardening.  At this time the estimate is $842.00.  I had orignally hoped that I could control the cost and have the yearly estmate come in closer to $600.00.  The cost of having this website takes up 7/8 of next years expected costs. This is also when one begins to hope that the plants truly survive into coming growing season since that is where most gardeners have their expense managing their garden.

From that proposed budget only $100.00 is assigned for the replacement of plants.  The average cost per plant last year was approximately $22.00.  Thus having funds for about four (4), maybe five (5), plants.  The question is: Will that be enough for next year?  To understand this answer I have to look at what might survive and what might not ... and then ask what is worth replanting; AND we have to go back to the fall of 2016 to look at what survived from then.  The novice gardener will begin to appreciate what it means to take good records of plant growth.  Below are the shifts that occured in the raised bed of my garden space:


Winter Loss/Replaced (2016/2017)

Hosta purchased to expanded

Hosta Acquired by Purchase

Hosta Shifted or Divided in or out of garden


All of the plants listed above are first season plants since they were newly planted one way or another.  Hosta Popcorn was the only Hosta that did not survive the 2016 winter.  Last year (2017) was my year to divide and expand my plants to use the materials I had rather than just buying 'more plants'.   The ten (10) plants listed above are theoretically more at risk since they were 'just planted this year'.

I've identified which ones are more at risk, ... so which ones may not survive the winter of 2017?

Lets start with those in planters.  Those in blue either have duplicates or regrow elsewhere.  Those left are at risk of being lost.

The next hosta are those 'planted with intent'.  The one marked in blue indicates planted as clump which ought to increase the chance of survival:


The five white ones that remain from the last two lists are ones that would more likely be at risk.  I can reduce this list of five even further!  Mystery Hosta #1, and Surporised By Joy were plants that arrived without warning; so these two I can afford to lose if they do not spike next spring.  Faithful Heart is stil located someplace eles in my garden space so if I lose that it won't be a problem either!  This leaves me with:

There's a few last twists on this survival review!  Itsy Bitsy Spider has plantings from 2016 year, so in theory that ought to survive at some level of success.  Which means ... that the plant at greatest risk of being lost is Shiny Penny.  Popcorn was delivered to me as a small clump that I divided — one of those divisions ought to survive.  Dixie Chickadee has been in my garden for a few years and that ought to give the redivided plant and edge for survival!

So where does that leave me?  Ummm.  I think I need to watch Shiny Penny (as I only have one of those) and Faithful Heart as those were small, fresh, divisions as hosta spike next spring.  Two plants; one I can easily replace is not a bad out look for next spring. One hundred dollars ought to pay for one plant EASILY!

If anything maybe I might have over budgeted on that too.  I won't know until next spring!  One hundred percent survival is also in reach too since last years survival was 19 out of 20.

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In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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