4. A child's toy; one of the hosta that did not survive the Winter of 2014-15.

6. Light green movement.

9. A drink or a flavor.

11. This Hosta will not turn you to stone.

12. Tool generally used with metal or plastic,

14. Cartoon character from 1942 to 1961 who is said to have indirectly saved Mickey Mouse. Hosta that struggled through the 2015 season only to die.

18. Japanese for 'little button'.

19. Unit of measure.

20. Crown of Oz. Removed plant during 2015 season.

23. A small mischief maker.

25. This Hosta was planted in this garden

as a dedication to the cartoon

character Jerry.

27. Food that is made violently.

29. A sharp edge.

30. A ladies yellow crown. Removed during 2015

36. The Bane of this gardeners work.

37. An Royal Ball would likely have this. A replaced Hosta this season.

38. Large chartreuse hosta; with 'and' and two spaces.

39. This hosta probably had the shortest stay of any hosta in my garden - EVER.

41. Larger than a Imp.

42. Intended to be named after a REAL person, but was given the wrong title.



1. Theme that used to rule this garden.

2. Medical image. Hosta that died during 2015.

3. Confederate Spies may have been known as this.

5. One of the Hosta I tied to grow INSIDE.

7. Said to be Latin for Venus.

8. Pot of gold is found here.

10. Formal Dance.

13. Solar event.

15. Form of small knife.

16. Person's name, or name of a month.

17. This hosta has halos on their leaves.

21. From the anatiomy of a mythical beast.

22. Children's Song. Hosta that did not survive the winter of 2014-15.

24. Name of a fictitious Royal. Hosta that did not survive the winter of 2014-15.

26. A grass like hosta that twists and curls. It is also referred to as 'Autum Wind' in Japan.

28. A person who has dedication or belief in something very strongly might be said to have this.

31. Green Fog. Hosta that did not survive the winter of 2014-15.

32. God of Metal Devices - including computers.

33. Saying: "Quiet as a ___ ___".

34. This is measured in carets.

35. Forces of hot and cold.

40. Hosta named after Tom Rex.

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