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The Cost of Having a Hobby

I believe that everyone should have a hobby, or an outside interest from what they do away from work.  Hobbies can in fact be very important in finding a job as they give you skill sets that normally are not taught in classical classroom settings.  In the same breath there are those who might say hobbies are cheep diversions from other life.  That's not always the case; and cheep many times is dependent on the definition of wealth the person has.  For this year I reveal how much I really do spend on this hobby that's become an obsession.  Keep in mind I am one of the least wealthy persons around.  If something happens elsewhere in my life these approximate costs will be altered accordingly to keep my day to day expenses in balance and in check.

So here we go:


Item                Cost Rounded      Notes

2017 Plants

   First Blush             80.00      3 Divisions; correct plants sent.

   White Feather           70.00      3 Divisions; wrong plants sent.

   Kelley & Kelley         64.00      1 Popcorn, 1 Shiny Penny, 1 Surprised By Joy

   Savory's Gardends Inc.  83.00      2 Itsy Bitsy Spider, 2 Kifukurin Ko Mama



Garden Maintenance

   Garden Stakes

      Acrylic Stakes     $135.00      100 Stakes; re-usable several years.

      Labeling Tape        25.00      Ought to last the life of the stake.

   Plastic Tarp            74.00      Life time unknown; presuming four year.


Website and Internet costs (in-perpetuity of this website)

   Adobe Muse             215.00      Monthly Cost $26.50; life time of writing.

   Transition Consul.      50.00

   Domain Name/Security    94.00      Annual Cost

   Web Hosting            200.00      Monthly Cost (first 8 months; #25.00)


Website and Internet costs (One time costs)

   Movavi Video Converter 7



Current Estimate        1,131.00

Refunds White Feather  -   36.00

Revised Estimate:       1,094.00

Average Monthly Cost:     136.75      Based on a 8 month growing season


Listings in white are costs already assumed.  Listings in orange are expected costs for this season.  Both totals were added together for CURRENT ESTIMATE amount.

The plant cost for the year is $297; with an average of $22.86 per plant.  Generally I try to keep this cost under $15 per plant but the industry in the last two years has lost two (2) locations which had done cell cloning of plants.  The average cost may remain at that level for some time.

The plastic tarp was ordered late in the season (10/1/17).  Shipping says it will be here by the 25th.  The 10 year cycle for Minnesota weather infers that we're going to get pounded with ice this year probably in January after the winter thaw.

White Feather: Note that the wrong plants seems to have been shipped.  While the company is nationally respected, I personally can't trust a reshipment order for fear that it will still be botched a second time.  As I have limited space to garden, I can't afford planting 'delivery mistakes'. So In short, I have $36 of wasted money (1/2 refund was granted).  These mistake is being labeled as Mystery White #01 since the identification will never be 100% known for sure.


end of the year review

Looking back over the year.  Some how I've managed to achieve 90% of my goals for the year.

  • I've spent twice as much as what I wanted to spend this year on the garden.
  • The White Feather fiasco I don't think is over yet.  Next spring will finally tell the last of this story.  This presumes that the planter survives the winter.
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider  AND Kifukurin Ko Mama I was able to get four (4) divisions out of each when they arrived.
  • The planters still need to be moved, prepared, and positioned for winter (a winter experiment).  The results from that will not be known until next spring.  Every thing I have read says it ought to work.
  • The seed project was never gotten to.  Plans are already underway for next year.
  • I'm still tryung to figure out how not mount MP4 videos to the website.

Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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