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The 2018 Cost of Having a Hobby

This docket returns for 2018 to keep me honest with myself about how much I really spend on this 'hobby'.  During 2017 I spent $400 more than what I had intended.  That's a pretty hard reality when one lives on the edge of poverty, and screams the question am I really living within my means for the money I have.

My goal for expenses for 2018 is between 500 to 600 dollars; which is about half of last years expense.  So here we go:


Item                   2018 Cost   2017 Cost   Notes                                  

2017 Plant Cost                       297.00   between 13 plsnts.  $22.85 average cost.

2018 Plant Cost           100.00


Garden Maintenance

   Garden Stakes

      Acrylic Stakes                 $135.00   100 Stakes; re-usable several years.

      Labeling Tape                    25.00   Ought to last the life of the stake.

   Plastic Tarp                        74.00   Life time unknown; presuming four year.

   Hair Nets               30.00               Planter covers for Seed Growing


Website and Internet costs (in-perpetuity of this website)

   Adobe Muse             318.00      215.00   Monthly Cost $26.50; life time of writing.

   Transition Consul.                  50.00

   Domain Name/Security    94.00       94.00   Annual Cost

   Web Hosting            300.00      200.00   Monthly Cost (... of $25.00)


Website and Internet costs (One time costs)

   Movavi Video Converter 7            40.00


Current Estimate/spent    127.00    1,131.00

Refunds White Feather              -   36.00

Revised Estimate/Spent   715.00    1,094.00


Average 8 Month Cost:     105.25      136.75   Growing Season

Average 12 Month Cost:     70.17       91.17   Calendar Year



Comments for moving towards the 2018 Season

The expense goal indicated above the budget was written before I created the estimated costs (in orange). I have a minor expense for Garden Maintenance this year as I would like hair nets to protect seedings in planters; hoping that the cost will be lower.  The tarp is already exceeding expectations for water control.  Naturally plant survival effects the plant cost for the year.  The website and Internet costs are the huge expenses as they support the direct existence to THIS website; they're already covered!

This years expenseas are already over budget by $242, presuming plants will be replaced.


End of the 2017 Season

Looking back over the 2017 year.  Some how I've managed to achieve 90% of my goals for the year; but I've had problems also:


Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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