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What does 2018 look like for my raised bed?

I'm hoping not much different!  I'm hoping that at this stage of the gardening I have all the plants that I need for the garden for the next few years!  Thus letting the plants that I have simply grow to fill in to reduce the weeding and amount of water that needs to be applied to the garden.  Gardening costs ought to go down from here.  At least that's the plan.

The winter of 2017 will be a testing time to see if I can winter plants in planters thus reducing the need to remove and then replace plants over the comming year.  The vision of the planters is that they become the back inventory of plants I might want to use at some point in the future.  If this can be achieved then my gardening will take on some new dimensions of plant management.


Reflections from 2017 over to 2018

For the 2018 spring Hosta: Faithful Heart, Kifukurin Ko Mama, Liberty, and Popcorn will again be tested to see if they survive the Minnesota winter.  As Kifukurin Ko Mama is considered to be 'rare' it is found in two places my garden.  On the other hand Faithful Heart is not considered rare it too is found in my garden in two places to protect it.  This later hosta has survived the torture of the retaining wall for four (4) years so I would expect this to 'probably' survive.

Masquerade was also moved from the Raised Bed over to the Retaining Wall this year.  Four (4) years of struggling forced me to consider if it needed a change.  After it's move it seem to be doing better with leaves standing straight-up and growing with some willingness.  The 2018 year will decided what becomes of this potential beauty.

Surprised By Joy (added 2017) and Shiny Penny (replaced 2017) are lone standers and are both in planters.  So these will put the planter test to even more of a challenge.

Mystery Hosta 00 (added 2017) is still a mystery.  It arrived with the label of 'White Feather' but the late season blooms on this one looks lavender, on very tall scapes, rather than white;  and the fall flush of leaves also is producing green edges and white centers just as it did back in the spring – definitely not white feather.  What ever the plant it is definitely flourishing and doing GREAT.  I keep thinking this possibly could be the European variety 'Sails Ho!'; but the problem with that one has not been officially released here in the states yet.  So I keep wondering.

Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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