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American Dream: Employment

I am disabled ... I have eleven disabilities ... and I do have employment skills.  I'm not afraid to say any of those things.  Most employers probably get scared when they hear all the skill sets I have when I walk in for either an informational interview or an interview proper.  I'm one of those who has more learned knowledge than classroom training.  For some it is hard to fathom the fact that I really do have a larger than average skill base to draw on.  When I walk into an discussion I read from a list that looks something like this:



Creative Writing

Newsletter and Blog Writing



PBK's Place

Proposal and Grant Writing

Policy Development and Implementation

Survey and Marketing Development

UUA District Youth (1970's)   Articulated, Used

FFLAC (1992 - 2012)    Articulated. Used (3 times)


Database (FileMaker Pro [from v1.0 up to 12.?])

Four Key types




Self Extracting


Name or Location


Key Number


Training and Leadership

FFLAC Board Experience    Four (4) terms on Board

FFLAC Member from 1992 to 2012

Education Training Skills

Needlework    Used

Housing Cooperative     developed, never used

Parliamentary Procedure    developed, never used

Technical Tutor (MCTC)

Budgeting and Planning

Cooperative Housing Clearinghouse Prepared, Presented, Never Used

Access for Pride    Used, not achieved

NAHA Proposed    Articulated, not used to date

Kelley Project Proposed    Articulated, not used to date


Miscellaneous Skills


Disability and Access

Gardening (particularly Hosta)

Media Production    preproduction and post production

Programming    foundational theory


As you can see I certainly have skills.  I'm not afraid of learning new things either.

But what REALLY gets me angry is that I watch our national leaders give themselves pay raises, I watch cooperate America acquire other companies at great expense, and watch our sports and movie heros get extravagant wages and pay increases.  Do we even stop and think about our social responsibility of caring for those who are in need; in this case employment.

How many of those same groups hired more than one person with disabilities to permanently  get them OFF WELFARE and to fight for them to acquire GOOD and FAIR health care benefits - before they offered that (multi-)million dollar pay raise to person 'xyz'?  This is not the case of hiring persons with disabilities half time and giving them a 'passable' wage.  I am thinking in terms of FULL Employment, FULL Wage, with FULL Benefits.  Every action we do must embrace EVERY American - regardless of who they maybe.  We are to be 'one nation under god' [irregardless of who or what that God might be].

Raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour is not going to change how the US social climate behaves towards those who are unemployed and disabled.  We, as a nation, need to seriously rethink how our American national priorities dictate what we do in the hiring of future employees.  By hiring one, or more, persons with disabilities in each company the nation can/would reduce the pressure of the welfare system of the USA.  This type of change needs to happen at both the employee, and management levels of a company.  The American nation will become stronger because we support EVERYONE, not just those who fit a particular image of what an employee is.

The same rational can be applied to any nation around the world - not just America.

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