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Annual Information

In this section you will find all the materials related to the current season of the journal entries.  The journal entries covers all garden spaces I have.  The configuration of these pages was done to try to keep it as clear possible to which set of plants was being discussed in the journals.  These materials in this section include but are not limited to:


From these three gardens I have subdivided information on to the following sub-pages.

The transition diagrams may change several times in one month, while other diagrams may only be updated once a year.  Some times it is not easy to keep up with these changes as this is supposed to be just a hobby.

At the end of this section I Three forms of wish lists.  First is the text listing of the hosta  I would like to have.  The second is a compendium fantansy gardens drived from my own collection based on the premise of 'If I had all the space I needed ... ."  Third one I'm not quite ready to present as it is one of those life dreams of a very major project that I call: NAHA.

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Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.