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The Hosta Journal
For April 2017


The forecast is still indicating changing temperatures for the next few days,  But sometime between April 3 and 8 the temperatures might finally level out to being consistently above freezing; and then I have to wait for those 'magical' 45 days for the safe timing of the spikes to come up,  The same forecast suggests 60° to 70°F / 15.56° to 21.11°C before the end of the month.  The increase of temperatures will be a welcomed warmth for those overly stressed plants under the the ground.  I had five plants in the garden that had spikes as early as March 1st, and over the next weeks I'll find out what has and has not survived.


The Hosta that had early spikes were (from back to front of the garden):

Now I've written in past journal entries about how the corner hosta seem to emerge first in my garden.  This years arrangement has the following four plants in the corners;

So as the weeks unfold these nine (9) hosta will be watched a little more closely than the others in this garden.

March 16: The snow has once again cleared the raised bed.  It seems to come and go so much that I'm at the point of almost not knowing what to write.

March 18:  The forecast suggests, if it is to be believed, we have about 2 to 3 weeks more of temperatures floating around freezing, and then spring begins slowly as the night time temperatures move away from the freezing mark.  When that time comes I begin the count of 45 days!

March 19:  It's trying to be warm out there.  I think the pre-season spike count is at 6 (six) with a loss of one (1). The changes seem to be - for the additions:

The possible loss of:

As I've said a moment ago these are pre-season so these observations are highly speculative.  When I see the greens, whites, and even browns of their spikes (and eyes) the story maybe much different.

Being obsessive ... I have 20 plants ... if 'x' percent survive then the plant count would be ...


100% would of course be all 20

95% would be 19

90% would be 18

85% would be 17

80% would be 16

75% would be 15

... as I am writing about only 20 plants the percents are kinda easy ... and historically my survival rate is above this point. But for those who cannot do percents, the table goes on:

70% would be 14

65% would be 13

60% would be 12

55% would be 11

50% would be 10

45% would be 9

40% would be 8

35% would be 7

30% would be 6  (pre-season is currently here)

25% would be 5

I'll stop there before we get to the REAL depressing numbers.

March 23:  We're supposed to get rain today; and tomorrow.  It it were not for the predicted freezing next week I might say this is the first of the real spring rain.

March 25:  The temperature remained above freezing last night, and if long range forecasts are to be trusted then that means that THURSDAY March 23 was the first day of the climatic spring for the St. Paul area; with temperatures remaining above freezing here out for this calendar year.  Spikes ought to be up by May 4th; but that may happen sooner as 70's are foreseen late in April.  I now just need rain to bring the plants up.  The wait begins!

March 27: More possible spikes on numbers: 3b, 7, 9, 19, and 20 at this point.  That makes it 50% of the garden having signs of possible spiking.  While the ground has some moisture; I still would like rain to pump these up a little to confirm better.

March 29: It's supposed to be raining.  I'm not seeing any - yet.

March 31: The following Hosta HAVE spiked starting our season with 20% success this year!

Gemstone might have spiked as well.

Empress Wu's spike is now questioned.  All other previous hosta remain the same.



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