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Blog Extras ...

So what the heck are extras‽  By my own diffinition an 'extra' is something that is not a journal entry, nor does it directly describe my garden.  But all these extras have something to do WITH gardening in someway, shape, or form.  In many cases these extras reflect an edge of fantasy or imagination.  They also reflect my love of writing, and creativity.  They may reflect what I think might be funny or humorous.  In a few cases they might incite you to think.

Extras are one of the central reasons why the original blog was forced to change to this format.  I did not want to jettison these materials to obivian as there were inferred suggestions that some visitors from the last site really came just FOR the extras; even though the central reason for the blog was garden documentation about a real garden being kept.  IF you look deep enough ...  there are extras for the extras!

Dive in and have fun within my imagination ... maybe you'll laugh with me too.

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