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Itsy Bitsy Spider (May 2017)  Less than an inch diameter. Grows to be six inches in diameter.

"HEY! This page is grow'n!

and in process just like ME!"

Blue Mammoth                           Added:  2010    Discontinued: 2015

                                       Height  Range:  24 to 36 inches

                                       Diameter Range: 36 to 65 inches



Year   Spiked   Count     Came from           Scaped    First     Last     Faded

2010            1d        Irma Kelley

                          Various Sources (see Other Notes below)

2011   Replaced 1d

2012   Replaced 2d as 2r

2013   Replaced 3d as 3r

2014   Replaced 5d as 2r

2015   Replaced 2d as 2r

202?   Plant resumed

Other Notes


May 2017

Over the years I've acquired this plant from various sources; athough I do not have exact dates on this at this time.

  1. Irma Kelley
  2. Kelley & Kelley (twice?)
  3. Made in the Shade Nursery
  4. Tom Carlson's private collection

Probably others over the years.   Refer to the Saga of the Blue Mammoth for more details about my attempts with this hosta.

This hosta I've been told is supposed to be "easy" to grow but in my garden it seems impossible.


June 2017

Plant may return during the 2020's

Hosta Categories



Y Primary Collection

  East Retaining Wall

  Management Office/Loft 101 (Watched)

  Mouse Ears Collection      (Watched)

  East Side Garden   (Forfeited)

  Building Back Side (Forfeited)



Y Aesthetic Collection

Y Chaos and Destruction Collection


Other Classifications

  Hard to Find List

Y Past Plants List


Collection Notes


Aesthetic Collection

Charateristically has long flopping leaves of blue ... much like elephant ears.


Chaos and Distruction

A stameade of elephants is bad enough; but a stampede of Blue Mammoths would probably be worse as they were larger. and had longer tusks.

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