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The Blue Mayhem Project Collapses!

Early April (2017)

Between corporate entities not communicating; and wholesalers giving retailers what I feel are impractical expectations, as well as some of the same wholesalers displaying selfish policies and business practices.  I need to walk away from the project for a year.  From my vantage point it is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain clear, one gallon containers that I can also get permission to photograph for this blog.


The Blue Mayhem Project is ALIVE!

May 19th, 2017

Actually I don't fully believe this has happened!  But let me try to recount the events that came to this turnaround.

There is a online purveyor of garden plants I keep seeing popping up online.  One of the things they specialize in is miniature hosta.   The company's name is: Carolyn's Shade Gardens.  One of the other things Carolyn specializes in is container gardening.  Now I am not talking about wire baskets, or terra cotta planters, or plastic containers.  NO!  This gardener really for truly uses containers.  What type of containers?  To list a few: abandoned watering containers (metal), those water plates you normally find UNDER the planter, unwanted serving bowls, cups, mugs, sauce pans ... and even roasting pans.  I am suspecting she's the type that if she had it her way she'ld probably use wheel barrows, bathroom tubs, and sinks too for gardening!

I finally got curious enough to e-mail Carolyn Walker to ask her HOW she winters all those planters.  The response was: Pine Needles.  She did not say anything about putting them against buildings or inside air temperature buildings, or protective tarps.  Just pine needles.

Personal thought, "... that might be possible here.  I need to look into this further ...", "... what container style would I use?" ... "Those roasting pans looked good.  They're durable, water proof, somewhat shallow, would not shatter or burst, and could withstand the cold." All the qualities wanted!

I look around online for roasting pans.  I find the company GraniteWare who has roasting pans from the manufacturer Columbian Home Products.  As I am feeling a bit eclectic I decide the oval ones look interesting. but they have a handle on the TOP, not very conclusive for inverting for gardening.  So I send them an e-mail asking about the handles (thinking that maybe they have defective ones some where ...).

GraniteWare representative Jill Koos responds to the e-mail saying, 'The oval roasting pan covers do not come with side handles.  The rectangular ones do!"  Not to put Jill's professionalism in question; she becomes excited when she realizes that the client is a hosta grower; even a blog writer about hosta.  As I see concise questions about hosta in her response e-mail, I too have an epiphany of sorts.

IF Carolyn Walker can grow and propagate hosta in abstract containers ... then why can't those same containers grow ... Hosta Seed!  A container does not have to be plastic ... just movable.  I carefully ask and explain to Jill Koos what I am thinking and inquire about getting permission to photograph them.  After about a day of waiting.  Jill Koos sends an e-mail indicating that 'marketing' sees no problems with it, and that they've given the nod to photograph the roasting pans.

So at this point I am two steps further forward.  At this point I am trusting that GraniteWare Marketing has spoken to Columbian Home Products legal department about this permissions.

[Author's Note: Key e-mails are archived for referral if needed.]


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