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Even Fantasy Has to be Rearranged!


Sometimes when a creative writer writes wonderful words it sounds good, and then when the realty is looked at it turns really awful.  Such was the case with a scene from Round the Neighborhood a while back.  I had indicated that Anna was 19 years of age and inferred that she was the eldest of 26 children of one of the main characters, Papa Bouillon.  While the author still has a ridiculous sized family of 26 children being over seen by a recently widowed parent.  In this case the eldest child of Papa Bouillon has to be older than 19 years of age.  To reach this desired fantasy arrangement the family composition had to be re-arranged to be thus:


Child's Name               Birth   Age            Notes


Anna                       1/84    29             College student [No degree indicated]

Bella & Carol              7/85    28     Twins

Dax                        1/87    26

Elrod                      7/88    25             Profession: Journalist.

Flynn                      1/90    23

Grey                       7/91    22

Hayden                     1/93    20



Izumi                      7/94    19

Jalen                      1/96    17

Kendall, Landon & Micah    7/97    16     Triplets

Nico                       1/99    14             Wants to be in Dance; But his writing

                                                  endeavors have gotten him in trouble

                                                  somehow.  His father is insisting that he

                                                  relearn what journalism is supposed to be.

Orange                     7/00    13

Payton                     1/02    11

Quinn                      7/03    10

Ranni                      1/05     8

Sage                       7/06     7

Teagen                     1/08     5


Toddlers and Infants

Umang                      7/09     4

Victor                     1/11     2

Wynne, Xaum. Yoshi & Zane  7/12     1     Quadruplets


Readers will note that their mother took child bearing somewhat responsibly in that she took 9 months to rest between each birth cycles.  During the September (Second Edition) Papa Bouillon would have told you that Umang and younger are being cared for by nannies back at the house, and Izumi and younger were present (12 of his kids).  Anna is home unexpectedly from college if you have not gathered that by this point.  Next season you will get to see why the first five children have names as they do.

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