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Itsy Bitsy Spider (May 2017)  Less than an inch diameter. Grows to be six inches in diameter.

"HEY! This page is grow'n!

and in process just like ME!"

Corkscrew               Added:  2015   Discontinued: - -

                                       Height Range:    8 to 10 inches

                                       Diameter Range: 18 to 22 inches


                                              Scape          Blooms        Scape

Year   Spiked   Count     Came from           Seen      First     Last     Faded

2015            1d        Tom Carlson

       Division added from my Mother's Garden

2016            2d

2017   3/21/17  2d

Other Notes

May 2017

Hosta Categories



Y Primary Collection

  East Retaining Wall

  Management Office/Loft 101 (Watched)

  Mouse Ears Collection      (Watched)

  East Side Garden   (Forfeited)

  Building Back Side (Forfeited)



Y Aesthetic Collection

Y Chaos and Destruction Collection


Other Classifications

  Hard to Find List

  Past Plants List


Collection Notes


Aesthetic Collection

Leaves twist on the Z axis like a corkscrew.  It is said this happens on the molecular level; not on the DNA level.


Chaos and Distruction

The term 'corkscrew', as a slang term, sometimes refers to a deranged mind.  Corkscrew might also mean something that is not straight when it normally should be.

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