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The Growing season begins!

What follows are reflections from between January to March 2018.  The growing season begins at the end of March.


What about this last winter!?

This last winter was really odd.  Not much snow, and the garden was frequently uncovered by solar warming!  To add insult to injury ... the tarp that was purchased last fall seem to have been a little too effective in holding the fall rains out of the garden before they turned to ice to destroy plants that were settling in for winter.  The end effects of both tarp and absence of winter snow are about to be seen this spring.  Beyond that there has not even been enough snow to really shovel at any given point!  The raised bed generally has 1 foot of snow on top of it by the time spring comes.

Last fall I speculated that Faithful Heart, and Kifukurin Ko Mama were probably at the greatest risk not to surviving this last winter.  Not because they are small hostas but simply because they had been planted into the garden last year for their first season in being in the growing space.  Hosta Popcorn is also in the same category, but what makes that different is that the rhizome systems on those divided plants looked pretty extensive; I'm putting my confidence behind those three plants.  Every other hosta in that garden has been there for at last two years ... which means they ought to survive the winter of 2017/2018.  That includes Itsy Bitsy Spider that was planted back in 2016.  So the prediction of survival this year is somewhere between: 17 : 20 [85%] to 20 : 20 [100%].   The later has never been achieved in my garden.


What about this winter!

It's January ... and as I come into the apartment from errands I've started saying "it's 'x' months 'til spiking".  I don't think I have done that this early in the year.  It feels a little strange.  We still have less than 2 inches of snow out there.   Later this next week (January 7th to 9th; a three day 'warm spell' ...) we have the January Thaw arriving where the temperatures rise just momentary above freezing  and to give the plants below a few drops of water.  That's not an unusual thing for Minnesota gardens.  I do not panic at this time because the plants ought to be dry enough to take the water in and hopefully not burst or start crown rot.  That tarp I put out last fall should have dried out the ground enough to let this moisture happen!

Hosta normally spike between March 31st to May 30th; at least at this St. Paul, Minnesota location.  As you might imagine that's when I hold my breath the most.  I am optimistic to reaching that 100% survival this year!  They're coming ... They're Coming ... They're coming!


Frustration over this website

Since about December 1st 2017 i've not been able to upload pages to his site.  This is slowly becoming an ongoing frustration.  Hoping that this weekend (January 13th and 14th) will shed some light on the problem as a discussion with The host site

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