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In the panel to the right is the VERY first cartoon I attemped.   You will note there was no title and no acknowledgment ... the photo was taken by Andrew Dunn.   The reddish dried hosta leaf in back looked just right for a Gnomes cap.  I knew I had to move fast to get this picture as all the elements were there.  Dixie Chickadee's leaf just screamed that there had to be a conversation between it and Little Devil's flower bud on the edge of opening.

The concept here (presuming you don't get the joke) is that each hosta has its own personality which is reflected by thier name.  As blooming times come each hosta expresses itself just a little more.  And what better than to have Little Devil's flower burp a fireball.  In Part 2 of this scenario we find a little more about hosta personalities ...

For the record as of 2017 BOTH Dixie Chickadee and Little Devil still reside in my garden.  Although these days they are separated by Gorgon.

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Very first Cartoon by author. 

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