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I am what some might call an obsessed gardener. I do look at my plants every day, and consider changes that others might think are minor.  Has that leaf grown; why was that other leaf torn; why is that flower late; will we see a flower on that hosta; which hosta spike will do better; and why is that hosta growing to slow?  By today's writing standards I am labeled as a 'hard core' blog writer since my blog entries are generally never shorter than the old measurement of typed two pages; roughly 1000 words.

I attempt to have my plants photographed monthly.  I diagram the snow and ice melt off my garden; and from time to time I talk to my plants, "Grow my lovelies, grow!  Muwhahahahaha!   And take over the ... ... Raised Bed!".  I am also not a perfect gardener - by no means.  I have mistaken weeds for plants, and mis-planted hosta to high or to low. I have forgotten to water from time to time, I have lost hosta to crown rot, freeze out, frost heave, and being impatient for them to come up.  I have never had a 100% survival year.

Between all of this I also have 11 different disabilities. Gardening for me is what keeps me calm in this world of to-dos; must-dos; and the can't-dos I face. It reminds me that the rest of the world must have a point of collaboration to make every thing even out.

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So who am I?  I'm Peter Kelley, and I am what some might call an obsessed gardener ...


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