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Itsy Bitsy Spider (May 2017)  Less than an inch diameter. Grows to be six inches in diameter.

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Itsy Bitsy Spider                      Added:  2013   Discontinued: - -

                                       Height  Range:  2 to 4 inches

                                       Diameter Range: 3 to 8 inches


                Total                         Scape          Blooms        Scape

Year   Spiked   Count     Came from           Seen      First     Last     Faded

2013            2d        Unknown

2014   Died - No Replacement


2016   Repl.    6d        Hostas Direct; William Blair

2017   4/26/17  2c (6d)

       Added to 4d        Savory's Garden, Inc.

2018   4/22/18 (?)

Other Notes


May 2017

This is one of the most unique hostas to be found.  Let's start with the fact that it is probably the smallest hosta found on the retail market.  With that smallness comes the factor of being one of harder ones to grow; althught there's competition from Kifukurin Ko Mama for being the smallest.  The leaves are very thin which could make them look like a weed if a novice did not know better.  The leaves when reaching maturity will not be straight but rather be out of line with themselves; I refer to them as being kinked.

Read carefully as the following may be confusing:

The first attempt I had it died during the first winter - the plant itself was spectacular to see.  On my second attempt I was able to find 6 divisions.  I had two (2) divisions die during the summer, and I pulled through only Two (2) of the remaining 4 from the fall before.  Of the remaining division from the previous season had four (6) independent divisions between them upon spiking during the spring of 2017.

During the 2017 season I tracked down two more divisions to add to what survived from 2016.  While others might say this is hard to grow, I seem to be having a fair amount of success with this variety.

It is true that the suceess is mixed at this point.  The real test will be the winter of 2017/2018 to see if what is left survives.  My silent rule has been if I can get I can pull it through one winter; it will probably stay indefinitely.  This is one hosta that I will not expect that from as the mere size is a definite factor for its survival.

August 2017

Savory's has come through with this hosta.  Two very generous divisions which must have come from a full grown round.  They will give the other spiders a run for their rhizomes!

April 2018

I think I see the first spike on one Isty Bitsy Spider, not to mention the first spike of the season.  May take a day to fully confirm it.

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