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 About the Journal Entries Journal entries on this site have two parts. Part 1) The introduction to the entries. If you've read my blog previously you might recognize this as my 'opening words'. Part 2) Will be the links to other pages of the entry. You might want to think about this as something like books and chapters. Journal Entries might have as many as 6 sub-sections (chapters) but you the reader might only want to look at a few of those sections. In a few cases you might see BLOG EXTRAS which will lead you to additional special materials that are not directly blog related; but were released at the same time. The text rules used on this blog remain very close to what they were previously. Hosta by Kelley Website Style Sheet Helvetica Bold Font for Headlines, and sub-headilnes; the colors may include Yellow, or Green. They maybe underlined and centered; and upper case or mixed case. Times used for paragraphs. Paragraphs will be in WHITE. Paragraphs will be first line indented (yes, a bit old fashioned), but can help the user see the line breaks and speration between ideas more clearly. Currier New is used for tables as it is a monospaced font. Colors my include white or yellow; regular or bold face. Entries will continued to be color corded on the page for you to be guided through what is being written about. Thes colors are very near the same as they ware from the previous site. Adapting to them should not be hard. Blue will be for Dates. Yellow for Plant identification, and subheads that DO NOT have hyperlinking. Yellow for Hyperlinking; this yellow has a little more white in it. It is used for plants, and other references on this blog, Links my be between pages of this website or go outside of this website. Orange will be for emphasis. Violet will be used for Blog Extras. These notations will not be hyperlinked. Adobe Muse does not offer highlighting so this option no longer will be seen.

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Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.