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I'm accessing what to replace this year as the planters failed to hold plants.  I suspect that it is not the planters fault but the conditions that they were eventually subjected to.  The list looks like this right now:

Kifukirin Ko Mama: is being dropped as it is considered rare and is currently being difficult to find.

Liberty: Getting a back up

Masquerade: getting a reinforcement

Popcorn:  With great hesitation I've decided to get a replacement.  Where its going is unknown at this moment.

Shiny Penny: Yes I am replacing this one, but I'm not sure what I am matching it with as the plan was to have been going with Kifukirin Ko Mama for contrast of color and shape.  The current options right now might be

Imp and Masquerade have the right color but not the right size (sigh) to go with Shiny Penny.

School Mouse: Was indicated as a new arrival at Kelley & Kelley, but its definitely not a freebee.  I'm taking it 'just because'.  This hosta kinda looks like Faithful Heart but has cleaner lines and coloration.


July 3rd:  Began the work of playing with plants.  It's been many years since I divided a hosta for replanting.  So it felt out of place in a strange way.  Before this work is over there will be four plants being divided for replanting.  Fortunately these are all small plants to handle.

Faithful Heart: Was divided into 16 divisions; Much to my surprise.  Five divisions went to the original location. 10 divisions went to the raised bed, and 1 division went to a neighbors garden.  These looked a little dry but I think that with good watering they will survive perfectly.  The clump that was divided had become sun bleached and so the leaves were heavily corrugated, pale yellow with hints of a green edge.  Those divisions moved to the raised bed will return to a smooth leaf with contrasting green and yellow; at least that's what OUGHT to happen. There's no reason why I can't get all of them to grow.

Rainbow's End: Has been moved. in its entirety, to a neighbors garden.  Nothing lost of divided here.


July 4th:  Hindsight.  Dividing Faithful Heart was not a planned project.  It was one of those that simply said, "Divide me, please" and so I did.  This change of plans causes questions of what to do about the Popcorn replacement.   Looking Forward: I've got Imp and Masquerade to work with today.  Again smallish plants, but it's still work to be done.

Imp is moved from the East Wall raised bed back into the Primary Garden to be rejoined with its Twin.  A reunion of sorts for both!

Masquerade is moved into Imp's place on the wall in the hopes it will improve in growing habit.  It's a lovely plant but its not been successful where it is.


July 5th:  There is more than just moving around happening out there!  There's 90º F temps arriving tomorrow, and even more flowers coming.

Dixie Chickadee was finally divided into 'tis independent plants.  What I thought was going to be a somewhat simple project was a little harder than what it was appeared,  The job did get done.  Many divisions of Dixie Chickadee came fourth.  Rather than getting them into a rectangular area they seem to be more triangular in space.  Dixie Chickadee is also in bloom.

Emerald City Chick:  Seven divisions were found among Dixie Chickadee and they have been planted by themselves in a planter.

There is a second sport of Dixie Chickadee among the leaves.  These leaves have a single very thin line that is irregularly placed on the Leaf.  I have separated it in the hopes that these leaves keep growing the same.  I have provisionally named this hosta: Northern Crow.  The name is intended to recognize those men (and possibly women) who risked and gave their lives during the American Civil War who did reconnoissance into the South.  The author takes liberties to interpret Dixie Chickadee may mean the the inverse:  A Southern found on Union territory.  I'm also keeping this in a planter as well.

Gemstone is blooming.  This plant has in the past turned all its flowers away from its center (noted 2015 and 2016).  Last year the plant was moved towards to the building, we'll see if this move still produces flowers in the same way.

Vulcan: Also has bloom coming.  Hoping it gives get more than just one out of this plant.

Hacksaw was moved forward in the garden and out from under Dancing Queen and Vulcan.  there is a small chance a flower might be produced because of the move.  During the 2018 year the flower ought to return for sure.


July 7th:  A quiet day in the garden.

Raised Bed

Gemstone: Even with its close position to the building the flowers all seem to be pointing away from its center.  This continues the observation from past years.


East Retaining Wall

Masquerade:  At first the plants might look like they are in dreadful transplant shock.  But to the rescue comes the adage of "If only one leaf stands, then the plant will survive".  The three divisions that are visible each have at least one leaf standing boldly to say. "I will survive!"  So I put my faith into each of those leaves and will watch them return - maybe with some vengeance as they now have more sunlight to play with.

I did place a fourth division in, but that seems to have been covered with dirt.  I'm waiting to see if the rhizomes of that hosta kick in, do their magic, and grow!


Loose Planters

Emerald City Chick:  A few leaves drying up,  Might be due to the hot weather or the transplant.  Not to concerned here yet.  But It is worth noting.

Mystery Hosta #00: One of these divisions has begun to have two new plants.  THESE plant divisions have Solid Green leaves ... which look strangely like White Feather as one of the neighbor kids have noticed.  This one is one mixed up hosta.

Northern Crow: Has a new leaf at its center.  What color will it be ... that has yet to be found out!


July 10th:  The quiet days continue in the garden.


Raised Bed

Liberty: Since the early spring this hosta has fought to hold a spike.  At this point the spike that is there is holding .... but not opening.  As hosta can be cut back up to three times, and as Dancing Queen has been a little close to it so I've decided to cut back the third division of Dancing Queen to let more sunlight to reach the Liberty spike.  It may be to little, to late, but I have to try something at this point of the growing season to get Liberty to respond.  Will see what happens at this point.


July 15th:  The quiet days of summer continue in the garden.


Raised Bed

Gemstone: Seems to have an early bloom open. Scapes seem to be shorter this year.

Hacksaw: I think I waited a little to long to move this plant to prompt the flowers this year.  I am guessing they will come next year.

Vulcan: Has opened its first bloom of the season.  There are three scapes; one for each division in the garden this year.  That might be a first for this plant.


Loose Planters

Emerald City Chick: The flower has opened as well.


July 16th:  The quiet days of summer continue in the garden.


Raised Bed

Gorgon: According to my records the blooms are late on this hosta, and historically it has a lot of booms!

Teaspoon: The last of the blooms have faded for the year!


Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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