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The Cost of Having a Hobby

This month I move forward with another expense of my garden.  The redesigning of garden stakes to mark to the plants.  For some garden stakes are a minor thing.  For me It is something that has been taught to me by relatives (living and dead) to be very important.  The best example right now is, "Is that plant Masquerade or is it Surprised By Joy?  Another past examplie would have been, "Is that Little Devil, Stiletto, or Imp?  The name makes a big difference for some hosta growers.  It also helps when your trying to buy that plant that you've seen in another person's garden.

Over the years I've tried many. many variations of plant stakes.  Some of them well thought out, while others have been decent attempts with real drawbacks.  What I've decided to try is acrylic strips that are 1/4 inch x 1 inch x 12 inches.  Acrylic can take the heat of summer (in fact it can take heat up to ±290ºF) but may have limits for winter use (as it's lower range is -30°F).  In contrast Minnesota can get temperatures from -60°F to 130°F.  This basically means that the labels will need to taken in during the winter with a reliable diagram for year to year referance to put them back in.  For me that's easy to do!

The other drawback to these is that there will have to be some assembly.  Yes, I can get them precut, that's not the problem.  The actual labeling of them.  The labels will look something like what's below.  I am using white lettering as that is just slightly easier to read on black.  Garden dirt is generally gray to black so the tag itself will somewhat 'blend' in.



The actual production of the lettering itself will be the time consuming part.  The Brother Corporation has the P-Touch labeling system that is very reliable in all temperatures.  I would encourage the use of the system.  Compose the label, print the label, and then mounting it to the acrylic before moving to the next label to prevent mix-ups of name to dimensions.  Some P-Touches can do one line; others can do two or more.


H   4 to 6 in.    D  9 to 18 in.

Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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