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Entire Month

June 2: The spring rains are letting up, and the heat has now come!

Popcorn: The growth points that had bee last years plants have detached.  Roots are still very much there.    Still have hope for this one.


June 3: The planters have returned!  On close examination the planters themselves are intact.  Not sure at this point what has survived and what has not.  The larger metal planter has the hint of a lone spike wanting to come forth.  At this point It is not fully clear which hosta it is (Fukurin Ko Mama, or Shiny Penny)  Suspecting that I may take a week or so to see what has survived and what has not.

Liberty: The spike that was so long in coming that it now seems to be growing swiftly to make up for lost time.  It is now standing about 1 1/2 inches tall.  If I remember correctly it grew to about 10 inches tall last year.  Hoping for that this year.   Its good to see this plant going to work.  End of the day thought.  Maybe Liberty needs warmer weather to actively grow like 70° to 80°F / 21.11° to 26.67°C.  Will have to watch this in the future.


June 6: I've delayed watering plants in the hopes of taking some of the slugs out.  Plants look ok at this stage.  Need to separate garden sections for reports at this point.


Primary Garden

Liberty has it's first leaf open.  Hoping it goes further.

'venusta' has begun to spike.


East Raised Bed

Imp: has scapes and is nearing flower stage.  No idea when they began but predating scape records by a week.

Little Sunspot: Also has scapes and is nearing flower stage.  Once more no idea when they began but predating scape records by a week.


Loose Planters

While the planters were returned ... I'm not seeing any spikes yet.  Not finding the spike I saw earlier in the metal planter.  Hoping I'm just not seeing it.


June 7: Watering plants still being delayed; rain is still expected this evening.  Plants look ok at this stage.  Need to separate garden sections for reports at this point.  IF water does not come to night they get watered tomorrow as we have temperatures above 90°F / 32.22°C coming in the next few days.


Primary Garden

Liberty has a second leaf coming.  That's good to see it keep going.  It is possible that the plant might be in transplant shock from last year since the leaf is on the smallish side.

'venusta':  Scape count 1; but where there's one there's plenty more to come on this one.


East Raised Bed

Imp: Scape count is Five (5),

Little Sunspot: Scape count is Nine (9)



June 12: The rains have returned and have started a new growth cycle in the garden.  Its always exhilarating to see bursts of growth in a garden.


Primary Garden

Empress Wu: Has a grand show with some decent leaves this year.  9 Inches? Will have to measure at some point.

Itsy BItsy Spider: the round further back is distinctly taking shape with not just one new growth but two.  A very welcomed growth process to be seen!!  These hosta must like it there!

Liberty: a third leaf is coming AND two additional spikes.  Uncertain just how far this plant will grow this year but it seems that it is trying to make up for lost time.

Teaspoon: has well developed scapes on the move.  Although My recollection is that these are earlier than last year.


Loose Planters

No growth detected in the planters yet.   Beginning to wonder if they are total loss.  That was part of the risk I took wintering them off site.  I can easily replace the Fukurin Ko Mama, Shiny Penny, and I just possibly might be able to re-establish the Chaos.  The rest will have to be a loss.


June 16: The plants are giving me some surprises at this time.  Tomorrow I'll have to take a good look around the gardens to see what I have (June 19th).


Primary Garden

Dancing Queen: Has a scape up.  I want to say this is early this year.

Faithful Heart: The blooms have started.

Imp: Again the blooms have started here too.


Loose Planters

JJ [St. Louis Park, MN USA] has returned the planters that I had sent hosta in last year.  Guess I have to decide what to do with them.  He says the plants seem to be doing ok.



June 22: I've taken the next big step and have committed to a domain name:  [PBK's Place]  The domain will cover not just hosta but other parts of my life as well.  Kinda redundant as your already here!


June 25: Next weekend I play with plants.  Dividing some, shifting others, and giving some away.  This week it's just watching plants as normal!


Primary Garden

Liberty is beginning to fight to survive.  The first division has failed. and the second spike has begun to dry.  The third spike is holding on.  Hoping to pull this through.

'venusta': The blooms have started to open.


East Retaining Wall

Golden Tiara: has Scapes

Imp: Has flowers opening

Little Sunspot: has flowers opening.  I've looked at my records and I am reminded that this hosta might bloom twice during a season.  If records are right ... the second scapes will show themselves sometime late in July.



June 26: Actually the plant playing began this afternoon with moving the first pant out of the primary garden!  I tried to slacken the watering to reduce the slugs but with Liberty ailing I have resumed the cycle of the waltz for watering


Primary Garden

Mystery White #01: The hosta that was sent mistakenly sent as White Feather has been moved to its own planter.  This gives White Feather, and Empress Wu space to grow.  A new photo for my e-card can also now be composed now too!



June 27: The garden continues to look good.   I am having a very hard time restraining myself from doing more of the planned work, and if I did that work ... there'll be no work for a future planned guest later this summer.


Primary Garden

First Blush: This plant continues to decline with drying spots on the leaves.  One last photo of it, and then cut it back to see what happens.


Loose Planters

Mystery White #01: The move to the planter seems to be successful at this point with limited transfer shock.



June 29: The flowers keep comin', but I've not seen many bees.


Primary Garden

Dixie Chickadee: The scape has begun seen on this plant; although it might be Emerald City Chick as the two plants are so naturally intertwined.  The scape bulb size is larger than expected.

First Blush: I am beginning to wonder if this hosta should have been called Suicide Squad since the leaves try to change color and then just kill themselves.


Loose Planters

Mystery White #01: One of the plants seems to have two new growths at its base.  These leaves are fully green upon emerging.  I'll keep watching these plants.


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In Gardner's collection:  green.

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