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The planters were sent to south central Minnesota for the winter.  As spring wore on I began to worry that the planters WOULD NOT come back.  On June 3 the call came that they were on their way.  What I was told right before the delivering person left was that the greenhouse had collapsed sometime during the winter - without additional details.  Naturally that was one of the risks I took sending them out there in the first place.  Life happens.

It is now June 13th and to date I've not detected any hosta spikes in these containers from last year.  I am ready to assume that all plants in the original containers are lost.  Including possibly the Teaspoons that was supposed to go to BE; as three containers were supposed to be returned and there were four. handed over.  Below is where I am heading for 2017 season.

Chaos:  There maybe one last divsion of this amongst the Golden Tiara, I'll have to do some serious hunting to try to find it.  The Chaos will have to start over.

Unnamed Mouse Ears:  Is probably lost and can not be replaced.

Fukurin Ko Mama: Can be replaced.

Shiny Penny: Can be replaced.

Mystery White #01: Will be moved from the Primary Garden to a container to be watched to see if it can be identified.  This may take a few years.

The Blue Meyham Project is back!  The rectangular containers are roasting pans which will be used as contrainers and will hold seeds in groups of 20; hence the numbering.

The last container is up in the air at this moment.  Friend MG [Minneapolis, MN USA] has a very large family and every Christmas they do present exchanges.  One present is serious and the other is a ... White Elephant ... type present.  So what better present than literally give them a White Elephant!  IF it does not go off ... White Elephants are probably the most discrete type of chaos one can imagine so it will still fit right in with the theme of the garden: Chaos and Destruction.


Some of these plants were part of the inheritance from my parents. some of these we to be gifts to other persons, and still others were one of a kind sports that had developed in my garden over the years that I wanted to separate from the others.  Lets go through them one by one:

E.1 Chaos:  Was/is a sport of that had just been separated from the parent plant to see what it would do on its own.  By the end of 2016 it looked promising.

E.2 Corkscrew:  Came from my Mother's garden.  At the time it seemed a little tall.  This plant was seperated from the rest before they were moved to BE's for the winter.

E.3 Unnamed Mouse Ears: This was a sport from Holy Mouse Ears which was solid green and yet the same size.  the plant at the time seemed to have stabilized and was doing well.

E.4 Kifukurin Ko Mama: From the time of this diagramming I've learned that the American Hosta Association has altered the name to Fukurin Ko Mama.  In this planter I wanted to explore micro-landscaping.  So I placed these two together to attempt to create a composition of color.  Fukurin Ko Mama began to take off and fill in around its companion hosta.

E.5 Masquerade (?): What this was labeled in my Mother's garden may not be what it is.  I am suspecting that this had became a sport of the parent plant.

E.6 Shiny Penny: From my Mother's garden.  This strong healthy plant grew well after it had been replanted in this arrangement.

E.7 'venusta': From my Mother's Garden.  This and several other bags were found to have been totally closed during the move from my mother's place to my place thus causing 'plant' asphyxiation.  After a lot of prodding I was able to get the plant to stabilize and begin growing before the fall.

E.8 Teaspoon: From my good friend TC; and was intended to be a gift to BE.  This was a small division that seemed ready to grow as it waited to be moved to BE place for planting.

E.9 Grand Tiara: From my good friend TC; and was intended to be a gift to BE.  This was a single divisions, and seemed to hold on as it waited to be moved to BE place for planting.

Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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