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loose Containers: Garden Basics

There was a time period where I considered growing Astilbe.  But the Astilbe had their own problems, not that they weren't nice plants.  So when that attempt was over I had a few containers floating around.  A few years later I had some plants that I also wanted to take a few hosta out of the garden and try to save them for future years or when other plants died.  And so this gathering of plants came about.

6/3/17: These plants have just been returned to me from southern MN from staying at a grenn house for wintering. I is uncertain how many of these actually have survived at this point.

AT the time of this writing the plants in containers were:


                                                                    Height    Measured
ID Hosta Name          USA Patent              Height      Dimeter  Scape   He  Di  Sc


   Emerald City Chick .............. (presumed) 4 -  6 ..... 8 - 12 .... 12   a   b   c

   Mystery Hosta #01                           (Unknown Dimentions)

   Northern Crow .................. (presumed) 4 -  6 ..... 8 - 12 .... 12   a   b   c



NOTE: These plants do not have their own ID numbers as they can be rearranged randomly.  Sports are presumed data.

Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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