Hosta By Kelley

Itsy Bitsy Spider (May 2017)  Less than an inch diameter. Grows to be six inches in diameter.

"HEY! This page is grow'n!

and in process just like ME!"

Masquerade                             Added:  2014    Discontinued: - -

                                       Height  Range:   4 to  6 inches

                                       Diameter Range:  9 to 18 inches


                                              Scape          Blooms        Scape

Year   Spiked   Count     Came from           Seen      First     Last     Faded

Records indicate prior presence

                          First came from Irma Kelley

2014            ukwn.     Second receipt of it Unknown.

2015   4/11/15  1c

2016   4/ 3/16  1c

East Retaining Wall 7/ 4/17

2017   3/27/17  4d

Other Notes

July 2017

I know I revieved it from my mother the first time I had it some years ago, but where it came from the second time is unknown.

It had originally was introduced to my garden to be a comparative hosta to Fukurin Ko Mama as a reversed coloration that had similar leaves.

This classy white and green hosta had never done well in my raised bed between 2014 to early summer of 2017.  I opted to move it to the East Retaining Wall in the hopes that the sun would improve its growth there.

Hosta Categories



Y Primary Collection

Y East Retaining Wall

  Management Office/Loft 101 (Watched)

  Mouse Ears Collection      (Watched)

  East Side Garden   (Forfeited)

  Building Back Side (Forfeited)



Y Aesthetic Collection

  Chaos and Destruction Collection


Other Classifications

  Hard to Find List

  Past Plants List


Collection Notes


Aesthetic Collection

This smallish lance like leaf presents the clean lines of white and green.


Chaos and Distruction

The Masquerade Party/Dance; a long time favorite for adventurous party givers where guests reveal their identities at the end of the evening.  The chaos is that sometimes the guests don't even know who each other are and that they find new sides of the people they thought they knew!  Costumes and acting can go a long way sometimes!

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