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May 1st to 15th Journal Entries

May 1:  We keep getting these cold days (below 30° to 40°F / -1.11° to 4.44°C).  Today we have a high forecasted as 41°F / 5.00°C and it's May 1st!  One would think that these temperatures were behind us.  Maybe the good side on this is that this is the coolest day of the week in the forecast.  Places west of here are getting more sleet today so the city (warmth) effect is protecting the inner city gardens.


May 3: The First Blush divisions arrived and were planted.  These are impressive divisions.  Unfortunately they are Patented so I can't divide them.

Had I looked for the Itsy Bitsy Spider in the right place I might have found it two weeks ago.  It is now officially up!  One hosta lift to come up!

The planters I sent to be wintered I don't think will be coming back as the couple who took them in are now fighting, and the word divorce has been heard to come from the household.  I am saddened that a majority of the Golden Tiara sport (dubbed Chaos) that I sent will not be back.  I had hoped to see it as an independent plant for its second season (not year).  I have gone through my own Golden Tiara to find that there is ONE last division left of this sport with in my plant.  Will move singular division independently later this summer.  Chaos may yet survive; but it would be nice to have all of my Chaos!


May 5: Watered plants for the first time by hand.  Hoping that the water will pull First Blush out of transplant shock.  I know I gave it more than ample sheep shit.

Liberty is trying to take some strength and grow upward just a little.  Maybe I will be able to see it clearly soon.  Very anxious to see this plant for its second year in my garden.

Both Empress Wu plants have yet another spike.  Second year plant (west side) now has 2 spikes and the First year plant (east side) now has five.  This later planting I can now see distinctly from a distance.  The tallest of the spikes is starting to open its first leaf.

White Feather I think is trying to produce ita next leaves on each plant.  The extra plants that were ordered arrived ... yes; but did not turn out to be as labeled after they opened there spikes.  The company in question has agreed to re-ship the order next spring.  What they sent may never be determined, but I have a guess as to what the plants might be; but I'm not going to announce it yet, you'll have to wait a few years so that I can check the plant against known growing habits.  All I will say is that it's NOT 'supposed' to be on North America yet!

The garden is finally looking great after many years of getting plants in place.  This may be the summer where I divide and keep plants rather than remove and give.  Popcorn needs to ... POP and then I'ld really be exuberant with a 100% success.  It is still possible.


May 10:  At the moment White feather still only has its very first leaves out.  Last year White Feather grew with vigor and some degree of zeal,  I had hoped ... that it would have repeated it's routine this year so that I could get a great follow up shot for my e-card.  That routine has not happened to date.  I still wait for the explosion of growth.

Liberty is still at nub stage of spike growth and this plant was supposed to rise from the center of the garden to proverbially scream "Look at Me!"  and be the center of attention in his garden.  This has not happened either.

Popcorn still has not popped.

Liberty and White Feather HAVE come up but just have not grown; so the count is correct at 19 out of 20 up.  Because of these observations I've asked around online to see if others were experiencing the same thing or maybe even had experienced this in the past,  The consensus is that the MN weather has been so erratic (cooler nights with luke warm days) that some of the gardens around the area have also paused in growth; much like these plants.  So I am hoping that these plants will restart their growth when the temperatures warm a bit more.

First Blush is still settling itself out from the transplant.  It will be ok just have to give it time.  The larger of the two original divisions has grown enough to almost look like it came WITH the ordered divisions of First Blush.  The smaller of the two is slowly getting its act together and is beginning to grow.  I expect that by the end of the summer that too will have grown impressively.

I will very likely divide the following hosta this year: Masquerade, Hacksaw, Kinbotan, Little Devil, Imp, and Gemstone.  I will be shifting the positions of Dancing Queen and Gorgon just a little for aesthetics.  I will be moving out Rainbow's End to a neighbor's [fairy] garden.  Naturally when Rainbow's End is moved the domino effect can begin.


May 11 (early AM): I look at the predicted low temperatures for the next 5 days and realize that there are still nights that have below 50°F / 10.00°C.  I have to suppose that some hosta would rather just sleep in those temperatures.  Maybe when those temperatures pass things will go better in the garden.

Earlier last night I ordered an experimental plant stake made of acrylic.  Will see how that goes.

(Late PM): The help that I had anticipated this summer has vanished.  I think I'm still going to do the bulk of the work during the weekend of the 4th of July.  Gorgon may have to wait for when help is available.


May 12:  The personal debate continues as to what to move into Rainbow's End location after that is moved out.  The answer seems to lie between Kinbotan and Masquerade.

Dixie Chickadee's solid form has the name of Emerald City Chick.  The girl seems to like my garden and sometime this season will separate it from the chickadee.  Although it might be an annual job.

The larger of the two White Feather's seems to have a new spike coming.  If that survives than I won't worry so much about how that division looks.  Still no change to the smaller one.  The two did so well last year.  Right now they look a little disappointing


May 13Empress Wu (east side) is about to unfurl a lot of new leaves thus making it a very noticeable Hosta..  The one on on the west side is still being slow but it is still there.

Liberty still has a nub of a spike.  Hoping that this streak of 70° to 80°F / 21.11° to 26.67°C temperatures and the soon to come rain will nock some sense into the plant to get it growing.

Still nothing from Popcorn.

Had I been looking in the right place I might have seen the second White Feather spike besides other plant!.  That one is nearly 1/2 inch tall!  One of the original leaf sets might be trying to send another leaf out; a little early to tell on that.

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