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We're Still Getting Cold Evenings, With Warmish Days

Popcorn Still Has Not Popped;

And the Scapes Ought to be Coming Soon.


May 18: We've had a lot of rain, and the plants are about to get terribly confused yet again.  For the next five nights we'll be having more 40° to 50°F / 4.44° to 10.00°C evening temperatures, again this is pretty strange weather we have been having.  After all of the cool weather the scapes and flowers ought to come very soon.

Emerald City Chick (which is a recongnized sport and is among the Dixie Chickadee) is producing some remarkably large leaves in comparison to its parent.  I am starting to look forward to separating the two.  I have to wonder if Dixie Chickadee will always keep producing this consistent sport.  If it does, someday, I may have MORE of Emerald City Chick than Dixie Chickadee.

Itsy Bitsy Spider, while still very small, also has a feel of impressiveness to it - even when being under 1 in. / 2.54 cm. in diameter.  I am hoping it grows just a little more this season.  Two inches might be nice.

Masquerade.  This is the fourth year I've had it, and it still is no larger than when I first planted.  It is supposed to grow to 12 in. to 18 in. / 30.48 cm. to 45.72 cm.; but all I have is 6 in. / 15.24 cm.  Last time I moved it went through tremendous transplant shock, but I think this is the summer I will move to some place else; but to where ... I am not sure yet.

White Feather is continuing re-spiking (as mentioned before).  One of the original leaf sets is now going to work and sending its own revived spike up.  Kind of exciting to see.   I am hoping that the other leaf set does the same thing shortly.

May 18:  After what feels like weeks of dull reporting today seems to be bringing results!  But even before we consider those things the rain just keeps coming and the temperatures continue their 40° to 50°F / 4.44° to 10.00°C evening ranges.  The rain is supposed to stop on Monday the 22nd and leave us with dry weather for about 2 weeks.  Temperatures are also supposed to move extremely slowly back to being above 50°F/10.00°C for the night time.  The 2017 season I suspect maybe the coldest on record in years.  It is not only effecting the plants ... but myself as well.

Liberty:  I've decided to be impatient with it, and so I snipped the very tip of the nub.  The action itself should not hurt the plant.  I am hoping this will shock the plant into action.  Personally the plant should have opened several weeks ago and had been competitive with Dancing Queen and First Blush during early growth of the seasons first leaves.

White Feather: Has produced 4 spikes in and around each base of their original leaf sets.  The three Mystery White #01 will have to be moved sooner than later.  While I'm considering moving these to a planter, I've got to get that going soon there's gonna be collision between them sooner than later.

I have a mutual friend who knows the couple who wintered the planters.  They say they'll ask about the planters.  Maybe there's a slightly bigger chance that I can get them back.  That would be nice.

And finally self promotion sometimes DOES help.  The Blue Mayhem Project is back on track quite unexpectedly.  (See related page: Blue Mayhem Project Part II which annals the events).

After the events of the day maybe the world is finally coming around for me again.

May 21:  It's raining still.  I look out my front door to realize that I can see the first prominent leaf on White Feather can be seen from the door.  All the more reason to move those Mystery White #01's that I received.

May 22:  The rains have subsided - finally.  We begin a period of coolish dry weather.  The plants will still be a little confused.  Temperatures are forecast to slowly warm to something more seasonable.

Hacksaw:  Is growing very long leaves; as it should;  but Dancing Queen has nearly covered the plant.  A readjustment need to happen ... soon.

Venusta is slowly returning to look like one full clump from being at Fairy Ring stage.  An illusion really as there are 4 divisions there.  Either late this year or next year it will return again to look like one round.  Yes I am letting this plant grow with as little disruption as possible until it reaches 18 inches in radius to demonstrate that it is possible to grow Venusta as a 3 foot round with it still looking good while at the same time showing what a Fairy Ring might look like as a hosta.

White Feather:  I counted very carefully to day the spikes around each of the original leaf sets.  There are indeed four (4) spikes associated with each.  That is more growth than what I had anticipated from either of the original plants I put in last year.  If this plant is growing normally then I would say it's a fast grower.  I seem to recall that the plant stood about 6 in. /15.24 cm tall last year.  Really looking forward to what it does this year!

May 25:  For many years I've struggled to get this garden settled.  I'm coming close.  Hosta Imp, Kinbotan. and Little Devil have all reached their mature diameter.  Hosta Dancing Queen, and Gemstone very likely will reach their peak in diameter next year.  Venusta has exceeded it's diameter and doing very well.  I'm beginning to be impressed with where I am at!

After much consideration I've decided to not receive that re-shipment of White Feather, and take what refund I can get.  The invoice suggests it's a half refund.  Besides the White Feather from last year is exploding this year.

Itsy Bitsy Spider has surprised me with another round that has survived!  So this brings it to 50% of last years plants.  This one is nearly underneath the hose and is about two weeks behind the first one!  Very, very exciting.

May 26: Even with Hacksaw being obstructed it's doing really well!  The plants diameter is supposed to get to be 18 to 24 inches, and right now it looks about half that.  Have not actually measured yet as I probably will do measurements in July when plants are at their peak.  After I move Rainbow's End I think I will move Hacksaw into that place.   Kinbotan is holding its own where that is.

Masquerade was another one I had considered putting in Rainbow's Ends place.  Instead I think will be moved to a planter for a while to try to get it to grew a little.  The other plant I think I will put into a planter will be the Mystery White #01.

While tempting Mystery White #01 really should not be placed across from Vulcan, and take the place of Popcorn.  Why not?  Because the Mystery White #01 (at this point) looks identical TO Vulcan with the singular point that Vulcan spikes with green spikes and the Mystery White #01 spikes with white.  It's a very subtle difference but it distinguishes each for being different from each other.  The other question I have about Mystery White #01 is if the flowers are 'different' from Vulcan as well?  Different in this case can mean: scape color and length, pre-bloom color and length, actual bloom color, and finally the seed pod color as well.  I may never know exactly what the Mystery White #01 is, but I have a suspicion I know what it could be ... and to prove that suspicion I have to grow it for a few years to see if the leaves have mature verses immature variations.  Gardening takes time sometimes; and this is ONE of those times when patience will pay off.

May 30: A few days ago I was able to get permission to photograph the GraniteWareTM roasting pans.  Today I was able to get clearance for winter storage of plants on the patio.  These two permissions have opened the door for new directions for gardening.  I expect these to be short term experimentations; three years at the most.


Summary for Late May

Dancing Queen, Gorgon, and Mystery White #01 all need to be moved in one way or another,  As the planned help that was supposed to be here the last weekend of May backed out.  The work ahead will be harder to do,  I'll work this out some how and in some way.  Mystery White #01 is getting in the way of the White FeatherDancing Queen is obstructing HacksawGorgon is just needs to be re-centering.

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