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Mystery White #01                      Added:  2017    Discontinued: - -

                                       Height  Range:  [Unknown]

                                       Diameter Range: [Unknown]


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Year   Spiked   Count     Came from           Seen      First     Last      Faded

2017   [Ukn.]    3    Holland Bulb Nursery

                      Moved to Planter        00/00/00  00/00/00  00/00/00  00/00/00


Other Notes

May 2017

Some plants just come unexpectedly.  Such was the case of this delivery.  It had been shipped under the name of "White Feather"; and since it was shipped under that name its identity may never be precisely known.

While the spike was pure white before it was planted and upon opening it was obvious that it was not what it was labeled as.  These leaves "look" like Vulcan, and yet a single leaf looks suspiciously like the non-USA-introduced, European variety of Sails Ho!.  The plant does stand "vase like".  But a plant identity does not make from one leaf.

Conversely this can't be Vulcan as Vulcan spikes with a green spike.  I know that from my own garden.  The coloration is nowhere near what White Feather should be; again a comparison from my own garden. (see related photo galleries)

I am suspecting that I am dealing with a Hosta that has adolescent and mature leaf markings based on the two leaf formations I saw at the time.

June 2017

This plant was moved to its own planter as I still wish to watch this plant to see if further identification might be made.  A flower might help ...

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