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Chapter 13

Court Antics Part 2

"The City of Paulapolton has heard of individuals being hit by tomatoes but no where did we think that these attacks were performed in each case with a single tomato.  It just seemed to preposterous."

Judge Leaf, "Then are you saying that the attacks ... were down played?"

"No Madam.  The city recognized the concern after the second occurrence.  Our problem was trying to identify WHERE or WHO they were coming from.  It was not until your college Judge Windrow that we had the Where and Who."

Mr Bullion to Peter, "My question is how did he lob a tomato to the back side of the Hedges Building."

Peter back, "That's 20 stories."

"Technically 21 stories, and he did it with a clean shot.  The calculations say that the trajectory would have to be nearly stratospheric."

A man walked in and spoke briefly with the prosecutor.  The men nodded to each other.  The gentleman stepped back and motioned.  Another attorney and several others came behind him.

Peter noted, "That's Hamilton Graft from the Daily Monitor.  And aren't those two of your sons."

No, I'ld rather say that's the calvary to the rescue.", Mr Bullion quipped.


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