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When I first created this page I had no idea what might appear on this branch of the website.  While what you see now is the starting point.  You will see many subjects show up on these pages of this website.  I don't expect everyone to agree with what I write, but I do expect everyone to respect the view point of the author; myself.

To understand what is written here you have to understand how I view life.  I believe that human culture has four basic foundations.  These foundations I believe are what makes humans ... human.  These go back to the very moment that humans became human ten million years ago.

  • Social
  • Religious
  • Political
  • Militaristic

 These are amplified in international relations we see in the news, and are yet still seen in our day to day affairs even with our good friends and neighbors.

I do not write down to a particular level.  I do expect my readers to have some intelligence and be able to rationally and logically 'connect the dots' of the what is being presented.  It is true that sometimes I may only suggest a direction with only one sentence, and in those cases I might actually be having the reader to consider a much wider interpretation where there is a complex set of considerations that ought to be considered.  I don't have all the answers.


The first posting on this branch of my website is distinctly social/political.  This ought not be construed as the general temperament of who I am; but rather the fact that I, like many other Americans, do have passionate feelings and opinions about the America that 'I' live in.  I believe that the American Dream is still alive.  I do have a vision of what the American Dream ought to look like.  I have no certainty if my dream is the same as other Americans might have.

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