Hosta By Kelley

This panel was supposed to be the first of six.  The other 5 never materialized because of life and complications with in life.  The plot line was that Sum and Substance would continue to be annoying all through the summer with:

  1. Leaf size
  2. Scape bulb
  3. Scape height
  4. Flower color
  5. Plant Height
  6. The punch line of course was that it was to be removed, and it was the FIRST to be removed.  The other hosta at the time would have had a heyday scolding Sum and Substance for are their vain posturing.

I assure you that I DID consult with a representative of Tom Paxton.  There a two reasons why this cycle will never be completed.

  1. Sum and Substance was taken out in 2016.  At this time (May 2017) I doubt that Sum and Substance will be back.
    1. See the Saga of The Blue Mammoth for details.
  2. The agreements with the Paxton estate was for the production of work to be done DURING the 2016 year.

So with out further ado ... Here is the panel:

Plant Name Menu Codes:

Is in Gardner's collection:  green.

Currently in Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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