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While the author is very adept at designing budgets, this may not the right place, or time, to present one.  Instead lets look at possible business mechanisms to make this come to life.  This dream has a possible budget of two (2) million dollars a year.  Regardless of the model chosen there are some positions that just need to be hired for since a high level of professional skill, and expertise that are required.  The goal of any model used ought to be to 'support the hosta collection' to thrive.

----- ----- -----

One of the first, and obvious, is to use a non-profit model; however the problem with this model is that the US Tax system expressly prohibits the specification of what a donation is.  So if I were at say to the public could you donated to this project i would be prohibited from sayomg 'donate at this level'.  Raising 2 million by donations annually might get to be ... difficult.

----- ----- -----

The next model may work better.  It's known as a cooperative model.  The way this might work is that individuals might become 'annual sponsor' to support  the 12,012 hosta, or become members by a financial subscription, and or donate time to keep the project moving forward.  The Sponsor/Member construct might look like this based on the budget size of:

    Budget        Individual   Corperate

This looks feasible.  Remember in each of these scenarios 12,012 households, 6,006 companies, or some combination of these still need to be found to actually donate 'that' money.  IF we look at the North American political subdivisions this converts to:

        Total        95 Sub-Divisions

This becomes an objective average of 267 contributers from each political sub-division.  This is very idealistic, but that's what it takes to get a budget in place.

The donation of time will be the difficult part.  It is conceived that the requirement of time (per person) might be 32 hours a month.  This time commitment is consistent with cooperative historic reenactment groups, education groups, theater groups, AND community service agricultural (CSA) projects.

The MORE people donate time the smaller the budget actually can be.  It might even be possible to bring the budget down to 1/2 million dollars annually IF the enthusiasm for volunteerism is high!  If there are low volunteerism the more staff would have to be hired.

----- ----- -----

The project could be run bu a classical business management where decision making is done strictly from top down could certainly be used.  This model says EVERYONE on the team is hired.  While this insures that staff will be there when they are needed, it also produces the pressure for budget expansion as inflation grows, and expenses become more intensive within the employee base.  Containing the growth of the budget might be hard to do in the future and may cause volatile staff management to preserve the plant collection.

----- ----- -----

The three business models are just that 'business models'.  Each model will effect what the end budget might be.  There are OTHER models that might be used ... however what is presented above are the most common business models that exist.

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