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The Premise behind Round the Neighborhood

Over the years I realized that wrote far to much sometimes in my journal entries.  One afternoon I got fed up and said to myself I bet I could write more concisely.  The idea came to mind of an imaginary world where plants had personifications that showed as ghost forms.  Where the world was more agriculturally minded, and life was a bit more exaggerated than our own.

The condition I placed on myself for this writing was that each segment must have a beginning, middle, and end or stopping point, AND be 200 words or less!

Originally these were labeled with 'Season, and Act'.  During the republishing of them here I simply reduced the labels to 'Chapters'.   The 'chapters' that follow will be organized in 12 to a page.  These chapters will be written as I have time to write, and so when I write 12 to a page I am not talking about one years of writing on one page but more like several years since these are not written month by month.

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