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General Acknowledgments


This project is a volunteer presentation.  I do my own proofreading, copy writing, typesetting, and layout work.  If there are errors there; it is 100% my fault.

BUT I can not do this blog alone.  Much of the photography is done by my roommate Andrew Dunn, and long time friend Barbara Everson.  All other photography I attempt to acknowledge on an individual basis.

From time to time I might even acknowledge one of the my faithful followers.  These are indicated by a double initial followed by a city name and/or nation written as: P.K. [St. Paul, MN USA].

From time to time my readers will ask questions that I feel are worth discussion on these pages.  In those cases I will acknowledge them as I would a friend (see above) and then present the discussion from the question given.

Special Acknowledgments

AD [St. Paul, MN  USA] for their long support of my efforts.

IJK [Orono, MN  USA] for introducing me to Hosta (circa 2006.

MG [Minneapolis, MN  USA] for their assistance in planning this website production in 2017.

MW [Minneapolis, MN  USA] for encouraging to start this blog back in July of 2013.


The Legal Hosta Theives!

Brim Cup:

GK [St. Paul, MN USA

Emerald Tiara:

BE [Winthrop. MN USA]

Princess Wu Wu:

MW and KP [Minneapolis, MN USA]

PJ [Long Lake, MN USA]

Golden Tiara:

BE [Winthrop. MN USA]

GK [St. Paul, MN USA]


JJ [St. Louis Park. MN USA]

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Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.