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Changes and Adjustments

Google's policy change caused many things to happen, but even before that I began to think about adding a "Media Adjunct" to my blog.  This adjunct would have covered only the Blog Extras and the Reference Information that you see here.  I hope that the changes at this site will bring better organization.  As you may have already noticed the list of links to the left is much more robust.  You, the reader, ought to be able to find relevant pages you want without digging through several dozen journal entries. What the Author gets from this re-organization are statistics to show exactly what subjects are being thought of as 'important' by you the visitor.

While I am still color signaling hosta names there is now an archive history of each of the plants I've grown that can be found under the Reference Information section of this revised blog.  These references may give you a better feel of how my plants survive, or don't survive, in my garden.  Remember your growing conditions are different than mine, and so this information is strictly comparative.

Rather than hyperlinking the seasonal diagrams to each and every journal entry I am posting them under Annual Information.  I am also expanding this section to add EVERY diagram I have of my past garden arrangement so that you can see the shifts and changes of my garden over the years!  IF I get time I'll pull together an animation of this.

You might remember hosta related works I've done.  These are are now located separately under Blog Extras.  You can now follow the antics of not just my real life gardening, but my imagined gardening in worlds that really don't exit other than in my mind.  What became of Anna and the Hosta hating neighbor?  Have these hosta recovered from their shock of being told Gnomes DON'T Exist?  Can anyone remember the Hosta Chant?  And what does Atlantis have to do with Greek Mythology; or even my collection for that matter?

Eventually I will establish the process of polls, and surveys; that may take a while.  When that times comes feel free to respond to a poll from time to time; or to indicate your a monthly follower; or to leave a question or comment.  If you do any of these you'll just be feeding my enthusiasm to write more for you!

From the early days of this blog I had what I called 'the spiking hosta' ribbon.  I decided to bring it back as a delineation line between tertiary written sections.  The current presentation of this represents the five (5) basic hosta colors: yellow, red, white, green, and blue.  The current version is a .png image looks like:



If you have questions about how pages are laid out the starting of the website's style sheet is here.  I may opt to give it, its own page sometime for students in typesetting classes, or are in Commercial Art Classes.

Plant Name Menu Codes:

In Gardner's collection:  green.

In Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past Plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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