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The following terms are related to the dates are found on this page.  They are listed in the order in which they appear from left to right on the page.

Spiked: Date on which the spike was first spotted in spring.

Scape Seen: Date on which the first scape is spotted on the hosta

Bloom First:  Date on which the any of the scapes opened their first flower

Bloom Last: Date on which the last scape had a flower fade.

Scape Fade: Date on which the first scape fully dried (lost its color; generally from green to dried brown.


Other notation abbreviation examples in this work:

1d = One Division

2c = Two Clumps

3h = Three Host (of hosta)

4r = Four Rounds

This page may still not be complete as photographs might still be added later.

Surprised By Joy                       Added:  2017     Discontinued: - -

                                       Height Range:    4 to  ? inches

                                       Diameter Range:  8 to  ? inches

                                       Scape Height:    9 to 10 inches


                                              Scape          Blooms        Scape

Year   Spiked   Count     Came from           Seen      First     Last     Faded

2017            1d        Kelley & Kelley

2018   4/12/18  1d


July 2017 During the summer of 2017 I began to collect my wits about the loss of the plants that had gone to central MN for 2016 wintering. During the process Steve Kelley writes to say that they don't have Masquerade but they can get Surprised By Joy which seems to be a smaller version of it. At the time of receipt of it the leaves look much larger than expected. April 2018 Prior to one of this years springs [April 12] recurent snow and ice storms a friend noted what he thought was a spike. A this moment I am guessing it is the growth gland trying to look like a spike. Will look a second time when the tarp Full comes off the plant. I've decide to mark this plant for the Aesthetic Collection as the plant has markings somewhat like hosta Masquarade and thus can be used as a good comparitive plant during discussions of what hosta are. Written on April 22: This hosta takes the 'award' for being first up back on April 12th! My friend b? [Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA] spotted it as we were placing tarps over the plants for what was to be +13 inches of snow! At the time I didn't have time to look at it as I wanted to keep the process moving along,

Hosta Categories



  Primary Collection

Y Loose Containers

  East Retaining Wall

  Management Office/Loft 101 (Watched)

  Mouse Ears Collection      (Watched)

  East Side Garden   (Forfeited)

  Building Back Side (Forfeited)



Y Aesthetic Collection

  Chaos and Destruction Collection


Other Classifications

  Hard to Find List

  Past Plants List


Plant Name Menu Codes:

Is in Gardner's collection:  green.

Currently in Collection but is an unregistered sport: BLUE.

Past plants that are no longer in the collection: Brown.

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