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'venusta'                              Added:  2008    Discontinued: - -

                                       Height  Range:   3 to  4 inches

                                       Diameter Range:  8 to 10 inches


                                              Scape          Blooms        Scape

Year   Spiked   Count     Came from           Seen      First     Last     Faded

Raised Bed:

2008            1c        Irma Kelley

2009            1c

Building North Side:

2010            Divided entire division to the North of the building




Moved 1 Round back to Raised Bed:

2014            1r

2015            3h

2016    4/19/16 4h

2017    3/27/17 4h                            5/30/17   6/25/14   7/10/17


Other Notes

May 2017

When I first received this hosta I don't know what to make of it as it was on the smallish side.  The plant proved itself in the raised bed, and I moved it over to the north side to fill in a section of the back.  I presume that it is still back there.

In 2014 I wanted a small discreet green trim plant in my garden and remembered that venusta was in the back so I was able to retrieved a round if it.  At the time it looked in questionable shape, and I hoped that I could pull it back to what it had been!  WIthin weeks the plant responded and looked much better by the time fall and winter came around.

In 2015 I got wind of someone growing venusta to 3 feet in diameter.  I had one of those hosta hunches that said that 'maybe' it could be done; my father doubted the report.  Since then I've never divided or shifted the plant from its corner position.  It has slowly grown through Fairy Ring stage and is now slowly filling back in to create a new round of 4 sub-hosta [4 hosts (short o)]with a radius is 11.5 inches (June 2017).  When it will reach the 18 inch mark to demonstrate the 36 inch diamter I don't know, but this experimant keeps ... growing.

In 2016 I was able to retrieve more of this variety at my mothers place.  The bag that I had put it in some how had been closed and by the time I had gotten to it was nearly asphyxiated.  With a lot of very hard work I was able to pull this back to the side of life.  The planter of this was lost as part of the wontering of 2016/2017.

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Is in Gardner's collection:  green.

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